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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Quick Numbers

1. Things are a little hectic here at La Casa Wayward right now. I moved in with my parents temporarily after I finished college, and it looks like it's a lot less temporary than we planned (for reference, I've lived here over 2 years now). Basically, I can't afford to live on my own, and I probably won't be able to for several more years. It's also probably a good idea for me not to live alone for some health reasons, and for other health reasons it's a better idea for me to live with people that are aware of all my stuff and can help keep an eye on me. The biggest problem I've faced as a result of this is working on redefining what being successful means for me and for people in my generation, and I'll almost certainly touch more on that later. Anyway, as a result of my continued cohabitation with my family, I'm finally doing a complete rehaul of my bedroom to make it more functional as a studio/office space as well as my primary living space, and stuff is everywhere right now. I'm hoping that everything will get done this week (except a new rug because those are expensive) and life will be a little more normal soon.

2. I'm working away on the Marion KAL and I'm loving it so far. No pictures really, given the general chaos I just discussed, but I did already manage to miscross a cable rather spectacularly and spent an hour this afternoon dropping and re-knitting 4 stitches over 22 rows.

3. Havina is so much better on the bigger needles. Right now I'm just about back to where I was when I frogged it the first time, and I haven't gotten bored or run into trouble with it this go-round yet.

4. I really don't have much else for you-the room re-haul is taking up most of my life and I haven't had time to take any knitting pictures for you. But I promise I have quite a few things lined up and in the works to show you once I have space to spread work out a little more, and in the meantime I have some FOs that I haven't gotten to blogging yet.

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