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Sunday, September 21, 2014

An Update and a WIP

The room renovation is going well, if much more slowly than I'd hoped. The bookshelves are pretty much all set, the furniture's all moved (except for the chair that needs to come up from the basement), and everything that's going to storage has been identified (Crap. I still need to call around for quotes and get a storage unit). I have a pile of stuff to send to the thrift store, and my closet is so clean it's practically unrecognizable.
On the knitting front, Havina is going well, if rather slowly. It has almost certainly fallen into the knitting black hole, and I'm afraid I'll never get to where I can start the border. Plus, I have my Marion KAL to work on, a pair of socks on the needles, and a new skein of Malabrigo Rasta in Archangel that I want to play with. Never mind all the design projects I should be working on. And Xmas knitting, that needs to get started too.

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