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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I am Not a Yeti

I have small feet. They're oddly shaped, and difficult to fit, but they are not large. I know this.
Apparently I have trouble remembering how small my feet are. I remember that they're wide, and stubby, and have high arches, but not that they're a couple sizes below average.
I got this book for Easter in 2012.  I love this book, and it you ever knit socks, or ever want to knit socks, or just want to think deep thoughts about knitting socks, you need to read this book. Anyway, I devoured this book. I read every page, and then since I'd never done toe-up socks before I decided to knit Darjeeling, by Cat Bordhi. I knit a few inches, and then put them aside until I could sit down with the instructions to do the heel shaping.
I picked it up a few days ago, and spent an entire day knitting the heel shaping-increases and decreases. I got the whole foot done, and as I was knitting I thought to myself, "this looks a little big." But I decided that since I was following the instructions exactly and I'd never done toe-up socks before, that I'd keep going and see if it worked itself out. I was charting new territory, and I was fearless.
I got halfway through the heel shaping and thought again, "yes, these are definitely going to be too big." I decided to accommodate by knitting the small heel on an otherwise medium sock. "This should work," I thought, and I felt that I was being very clever.
The sock is a full inch too long. On top of that, it's got almost an inch of positive ease around the circumference of my foot. I have to rip it back and start over again. I'm frustrated, because these have been on the needles for so long, but I want to do work that I'm proud of, which means that after a bit of a timeout and a drink, it will need to be redone.

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