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Monday, March 3, 2014

WIP: Watermelon Socks

I was at a local Fiber Arts Camp/Retreat a few weeks ago and made several new friends.  One woman and I set up a sort of mini-swap just between us two.  See, she doesn't knit socks, but she had this fabulous yarn:

It's from Abi Grasso's Etsy and it is magical.

After some discussion, we decided that she would get this yarn to me and I would knit it into beautiful socks.  When I'm done, I'll send them back to her and she will send me a ball winder.  (It's a bit of an unconventional swap.  But I really want a ball winder, she has an extra one, and I love knitting socks. Everybody wins.)

This yarn is so much fun to knit up.  The first sock has been a real hit around town:

I've been working on a Top Sekrit knitting project that you'll get to see here really soon, so my relationship with these socks hasn't been entirely monogamous.  I've got about half the foot left on Sock #1, but the Top Sekrit will be done soon, and I'll churn these bad boys out in a couple of nights at the bar and in church.  Then the magic ball winder will be mine, and I'll be able to wind ALL the yarn!

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