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Sunday, March 30, 2014

WIP: Firmaments (Still)

I know you're all wondering: there's only 20,198 stitches left.  (And I think it looks bigger now.  But I'm still running into the problem of how to lay it out nice and pretty so it looks like more than a yellow blob.)

I'll be able to start the border tomorrow evening, if everything goes according to schedule. The border is knit back and forth along the edge, and the live stitches are picked up as you go (three cheers for not having to bind off 576 stitches!).  It'll be a little fiddly, as I'll have to turn the work every 20 stitches, but hopefully I'll get some serious momentum going.  I'd like to have this finished this week so I can block it over the weekend. 

A lot of my momentum has come from the thought of wearing it when I go to Beauty and the Beast on April 9th (Belle's dress is yellow, this shawl is yellow, it's clearly meant to be).  It's looking like having a set goal has really helped me power through this thing.  (For comparison, I've knit more in the past week than I did all of last summer at play practice, and that was for 1-3 hours a day, five days a week.)

I did burn out and lose a day of knitting last week, so I'm really hoping that doesn't happen this week.  Hopefully you'll all get to see this as an FO soon!

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