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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Flashback: First Socks

I was an ambitious new knitter.  I knit two dishcloths, then started on my first pair of socks.  Overall, this is a pretty solid pair.  They're the same size, the heels aren't crooked, the knitting is even.  The biggest problem is that they're too small for me.  I followed a pattern on a free flyer exactly (60sts on US2 needles) and my gauge didn't match the pattern, so the sock circumference isn't wide enough for me.  I also overestimated the stretch that the knitting would have, and the feet are a little short.

My own personal favorite, though, is the botched toe.  It's tough to see here, but the kitchener stitch is done on the wrong side.  See, when I started knitting these, the knitting fell so that I was knitting the socks inside out.  I had no idea that you weren't supposed to knit socks inside out, so when I reached the directions for kitchener stitch, I followed them exactly.  Et voila, an inside-out kitchener.  I love it.  Of all the things that could possibly go wrong in a pair of socks, it was the kitchener stitch that got me.


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