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Monday, March 24, 2014


I like lists.  A lot of times, I have so much knitting I feel like I have to do that it gets overwhelming.  Lists refocus that; they give me something concrete to work from.  They're also in a near-constant state of flux: I can arbitrarily add things, or take them away (when I think about it, all of my deadlines are ultimately self-imposed, and it doesn't matter if I shove half a shawl on the bookshelf for two years), and as time goes on the items on the list take up less and less space.  For instance, a pair of socks takes up a lot of space on my list.  But give it a week.  When I revisit my list, just as a check-in with myself, all of a sudden one sock is knit and I have two rows of the cuff done on the second and that pair of socks doesn't look as foreboding when I see it on paper anymore.

In the spirit of lists, and organization, and motivation, and focus, and accountability, here is my list for now through mid-July:

1. Firmaments (less than 32,000sts left now; yes, it still looks the same)

2. Three pairs of socks for Mum:
-Plain Socks
(one for Mother's Day, one for her birthday, and one just because she's my mother and I love her and she doesn't have enough hand-knit socks right now)

3. Sweater-vest for Anemone (this is a multi-parter: I need to design and knit the vest for her, then edit the pattern and hopefully have it ready for release by the end of May)

4. A pair of Transitions Sleeves for my brother

5. A lace table-runner for my good friend who is getting married (again, I will probably end up designing this and wanting to get the pattern released by the end of the summer)

6. Heart, for my brother

In the midst of all this, I also want to finish my Neville socks and get a good start on Mottled Daydream

I feel better writing it all down.  It looks more manageable when it's words on a screen instead of a looming pile of yarn.  

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