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Thursday, March 20, 2014

WIP: Firmaments


I started this shawl my junior year in college, but forgot the plain knit rounds in between every pattern round.  Disappointed in myself, I frogged it and then let it languish for a few months.  Then I cast on again, and I've worked on it intermittently since then. 

This shawl is slow going.  Now I'm at the final chart before the edge, so every round is 576 stitches.  So not only does every pattern repeat take 5,184 stitches, but since the whole shawl is scrunched up on a circular needle, progress shots don't really show a whole lot of progress.  (Translated: This looks exactly the same as it did 9,000 stitches ago.  So I've had to get a little creative while photographing it.  For my own sanity.)

There's a crazy part of me that thinks it's reasonable to try to get this done by Easter.  Which is totally doable.  There's only, like, 44,339 stitches left.  So, no problem there.  (That's a lie.  There's a bit of a problem there, in the fact that that's a buttload of stitches, and I have my day job to consider, and I have design projects to work on, and I still can't knit in my sleep but I know I'm getting close to that point,)  Worst of all, progress photos are usually my motivation, and all of my pictures of this look the same as they did two weeks ago.

But at least I have a cute gnome. (His name is Rosencrantz.  I got him at a charity sale last Xmas for $1.)

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