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Sunday, March 9, 2014

FO: Top Sekrit Reveal

Happy Birthday Anemone!

My sister is pretty awesome.  She's smart as a whip and wildly entertaining.  (She also happens to like almost all of my Instagram photos, including the really silly ones.  That counts for a lot in my book.)

Anyway, she's pretty cool, and she loves knitted stuff almost as much as I love knitting stuff.  This year, her stuff was an Amy Christoffers cardigan.  Division, to be exact.  I love this pattern so much; I have a yellow Division that I made for myself my final semester in college that I wear almost constantly.  

I adore these buttons.  They're JHB Coco Primitive, and I almost didn't want to give them away.  Anemone thinks they're pretty snazzy too.

Happy Birthday to one of the best people I know, and the best sister I could ever ask for.

Pattern: Division by Amy Christoffers
Needles: US6 Bamboo Circulars
Yarn: Knitpicks Stroll in Jackrabbit Heather, 1617 yds.
Modifications: 6 buttons instead of 8, shortened armholes to 7" instead of 7.5"

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