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Friday, May 1, 2020

Day Forty-Nine

Is it depressing seeing how many days I've been home in the post titles? I started it as a way to keep track, but I can change it up if it is.

This week I made bagels! I've been wanting to make bagels for a long time, and these came out GREAT. The recipe only makes four bagels though, and since I only have a hand mixer right now I had to mimic a dough hook with my spatula at the end of mixing to get the dough ready. It'd be tough to do that if I multiplied the recipe.

So I ordered a Kitchen Aid stand mixer.

I've been wanting one for a while, but they are EXPENSIVE, but also they last a long time, and I'd use it every week, probably multiple times a week, but they cost SO MANY DOLLARS...and back and forth and back and forth. For years.

I ended up ordering a refurbished one, because they're just as good and quite a bit cheaper. It'll be here sometime next week and then I will be able to bake ALL THE THINGS.

Back to bagels: these are so good. Since being diagnosed with celiac disease ten years ago I've only had one really good bagel, and the rest have been "better than no bagels, but not great." These bagels are great. I almost cried when I ate the first one, it was so good. The other night I made eggs Benedict on one of my homemade bagels and it was the most delicious and satisfying thing I've ever eaten.

I'm hoping to be able to make some big batches when my stand mixer comes so I can share bagels with my mum and also make some breakfast sandwiches to keep in the freezer. I want to get better about meal prepping on the weekends (for reasons) and having a stand mixer so my hands don't get worn out doing all the baking with a hand mixer is really going to help! 

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  1. The bagels look great! You will LOVE your new mixer. I bought one 20+ years ago, use it multiple times a week, don't take very good care of it, and it still works just as well as it did on day 1. It's well worth the money!