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Monday, May 11, 2020

Day Fifty-Nine

Happy Monday! Is it Monday? Time is meaningless. Anyway.

It feels like it's been a hot minute since I've shared my unicorn sweater on the blog, but quarantine has me making some major progress. I finally finished the lower body, which should not have taken the better part of a year and a half to get through, but that's what I get for starting projects willy nilly and then abandoning them in strange corners of my apartment.

I'm even almost finished the first sleeve! It's amazing how much more quickly half sleeves knit up than full sleeves. I think there's about ten more rounds on this before I can attach it to the body and start the second sleeve. I binged the podcast The Dream last week, and that was the perfect background to knit to (except when I had to pause it to call my mum to relay a particularly horrifying story).

I'd like to get both sleeves finished and attached this week, and I think that's a reasonable goal. I still have my tank sample to work on, and that cabled sweater I've only briefly mentioned here but haven't actually shown you all yet, but for some reason some mindless stockinette sounds like just the ticket right now.

It was a quiet weekend here at Casa Wayward. I made a blueberry coffee cake on Saturday afternoon for my mum for Mother's Day—I have a thing about most cooked fruit, so I never make coffee cake with blueberries, but for her I can make an exception.

My town is talking about starting to open up, which makes me nervous. We haven't hit our peak here yet, and aren't due to until next month. I don't know what's going to happen with my town or with my work, but I'm definitely not planning to leave my apartment for more than safe bike rides or weekly grocery trips for a while. It's a strange, strange world we're living in right now.

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