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Friday, August 19, 2016

Oh, Darjeeling

After taking a look at my remaining WIPDown WIPs, I decided to really target the socks. I initially planned to pull out Knitty Twist to work on, since that already has half the first sock done, but I appear to have misplaced it, so I grabbed Darjeeling instead.

Darjeeling and I have a complicated relationship. I initially hesitated putting her in the WIPDown list, because she was really just a cast on and maybe four toe rounds, but she's technically one of my oldest WIPs, and I just need to get her done for both our sakes.

I got The Knitter's Book of Socks for Easter in 2012, and I immediately cast on for Darjeeling. I knit the middle size on US2s, and once it was time for the heel shaping I set it aside. Then in August 2014 I picked them back up, sat down with the book, and finished the first foot. And it was way to big (longtime readers may remember the Yeti Incident). 

So I shoved the sock in timeout, and in December 2014 I frogged what I'd knit so far and cast on for the large size on US1s, and promptly filed the sock away. And for more than four years now, Darjeeling has sat near the top of my Ravelry projects, mocking me.

But there is hope. I've knit half the first foot in a day. The sock is fitting so much better now, and I'm remembering everything I loved about this pattern. I am utterly besotted, and hopefully I'll have a new pair of socks soon. 


  1. The second I read your post title I thought to myself, "I really should re-watch The Darjeeling Limited" sometime soon. But unrelated to sock woes! I admire that you are tackling this WIP, I have some WIPS that are years old as well (some of them older than my daughter). I need to dig them out.

  2. You should only knit those if you're feelin' the design. Just because you have the book doesn't mean you need to knit the whole thing. A knitting book can be like buying a CD back in the day where you may only like some of the content but not all.

  3. socks that fit are essential to having fun knitting them. I'm glad they are fitting now!!