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Friday, August 26, 2016

WIP: Windy City MKAL

I've been back to work on my Windy City MKAL shawl this week, and I'm starting to get close to being done! I'm loving seeing everyone's finished shawls on Ravelry, and I'm super excited to be joining their number soon. I am just a few more rows away from being done with Clue 4, and Clue 5 is a bit smaller, so hopefully this won't be on the needles much longer!

Initially with my Wayward WIPDown goals I wanted to focus on things that had been languishing for a while, but with the setback of my Darjeeling socks (that are now like an entirely new project!) and the continued absence of Knitty Twist (I plan to clean this weekend and hopefully they'll  turn up), I'm using my motivation to just finish whatever I feel like knitting. Which, right now, is Windy City.


  1. *thumbs up* I really like how these colorways are working together.

  2. Love the soft colours you picked for this, good luck on the home stretch!

  3. I love the colors you are using! Hopefully you find your missing WIP soon! -Sierra

  4. Nice colour choices, it's like a Nevada sunset or something, they work so well together.