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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wayward WIPdown Goals

Thank you for all your wonderful well-wishes during production week! I already miss the show and my company, but I slept like a log last night. As I mentioned last week, I started working my way through some languishing WIPs yesterday, and since I love accountability (and lists!) I thought I'd share some of my goals for this month.

1. Top of my list is the baby sweater. Technically, the shower is this Saturday, so I don't really think I'm going to make it, but I'd love to get this to the parents-to-be as soon as possible.

2. Next is Finn. It's in a great place right now, but I am beyond ready to have it off the needles.

3. My Rios Scraps Cowl is really close to done, and it'd be great to get it out of the WIP basket.

4. Same with my Outlander cowl-it goes really quick, but I don't like using the huge needles, so I avoid working on it. But I'll feel amazing once it's done.

5. I started my Garter Squish back in February 2015-it's a bit large now, but because of the large gauge it knits up pretty quickly, and a lot of knitting storage will open up once this is done.

6. My Neon Socks have been on the needles since January-they're a great project to keep around, but I'd like to finish them up.

7. Same with Knitty Twist. These have taken way too long already, and I feel guilty every time I see their project bag stuffed down at the foot of my bed.

8. Darjeeling have been on my needles since...March 2012. I am ashamed. I need to suck it up and get these bad boys knit.

The socks are really more like stretch goals-but if I can get even one of those pairs finished, I'll feel a lot better about myself.

Both the Tee-Along and the Windy City Mystery KAL are due to finish up during the WIPdown, so I'll need to keep up with those as well. And then there's a couple more goals I  have that aren't necessarily knitting:

1. I need to frog my Winter Helmut so I can restart it. I really messed up the rate of raglan increases, and at this point I really just want to start over from the beginning.

2. The Stockholm Scarf I was knitting with some Cascade Highland Duo also is due to be frogged. I liked the project when I started it, but the further I get into it the more I realize that this is a terrible yarn/pattern match, and I'm not going to love the final product.

3. I have to re-skein the yarn I dyed for my Yoga Shawl and set the dye some more-I've been putting this off for months, and it's high time that I  get it done.

It definitely appears that I'm using this month to kick my ass in gear and take care of things that I've let languish for too long, which is fantastic. I have so many great new projects in my queue, and I want to be able to get excited about them, and clearing out some of these older ones will really help me do that. I don't really think I'll get everything done by September 3, but hopefully I'll get a lot done and feel motivated to keep going.

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  1. Making lists is definitely a great way to get things done, good luck finishing all these up :)