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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

WIPing Down

I've got my first two finished projects from the Wayward WIPDown drying in my bathroom now-the baby sweater is finished and just so precious, and I finally finished my giant Outlander cowl (because what better to knit in August than a huge wool and alpaca cowl??). I'm very behind on photographing FOs-along with these, I still haven't gotten around to taking pictures of my TPCT, but the weather's supposed to cool down for the weekend, so hopefully I'll get caught up.

I'm taking Julie's advice regarding my Garter Squish and I'll focus on that more when it's just a little cooler out. I don't really want to lose momentum on it, so I'm editing my goal for that to be done by Halloween. October is usually cool enough for blanket knitting, and if I get it done then, I'll still have plenty of cold weather cuddle time to look forward to.

So now my focus is going to have to be on Finn (even though ugh, sleeves) and my pile of sock projects. I'm actually really looking forward to getting some of those socks finished, so hopefully I can use that as motivation to get through the sleeves on Finn.

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