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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Numbers During Tech Week

1. I finished Clue 2 on my Recharge KAL shawl and am all caught up until Kate sends out the next update.

2. I am still less than halfway into Clue 2 on the Windy City Mystery KAL shawl, and Clue 4 comes out tomorrow. I am a bit tense.

3. The baby sweater is slower going than I'd hoped. Apparently the amount of fingering-weight garter stitch I can handle is less than half a baby sweater's worth.

4. Finn has 2/3ds of one sleeve. It is getting a bit tight on my 16" circular, and I'd like to swap out to DPNs, but I appear to only have two US4 DPNs in my collection. This is problematical.

5. It is still Tech Week. So far, I have flung three apples into the orchestra pit and two apples into the audience, and I have tripped over approximately every set piece we have.

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  1. I love the colors of your shawl. I like how they're a bit stonewashed.

  2. for your sleeve dilemma, do you have two circs the same size? you could put three fourths on one needle and one fourth on the other (I do this so if there are ladders they are under the arm (hopefully!). Good luck! Maybe go to an lys?? Lovely knitting in the photo.