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Monday, August 15, 2016

Wayward WIPdown Week One

Apparently it takes me about a week to recover from community theater. I feel like I realize that every year, but I never actually take it into account when planning my summer. In any case, I'm finally caught up on sleep, and I'm starting to make progress on my incredible mountain of projects.

The baby cardigan is my main priority now, and I churned out some pretty decent sleeves over the weekend. (Despite being much smaller, baby sleeves are in fact just as frustrating as adult sleeves.) I saved the neckband for last as a reward for getting through those sleeves, and hopefully this little guy should be off the needles and in a nice bath tonight.

My other big focus right now is my Garter Squish-it's big enough to be unwieldy now, but there's still quite a ways to go. I remember it going quickly back when I first started, so I just need to find that initiative again. Perhaps in front of a very strong fan.

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  1. glad you took some time to recuperate from the theatre production, the hours were no doubt hard work! Your WIPs are looking good, and good luck with Big Squish! Maybe when the weather turns cold it will be more inviting to chip away at in the evenings.