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Monday, July 30, 2018

New Pattern: Bubblegum Spice

Happy Monday!

Bubblegum Spice is the perfect extra layer by a campfire on a cool summer night or tucked up against your neck under your winter coat.

Ideal for showing off your favorite hand-dyed yarns, Bubblegum Spice is worked from the center top down with edge and center increases on every RS row. The chevron lace body transitions to a diamond border.

As always, the pattern includes both charts and written instructions.

Bubblegum Spice is available on Ravelry now, and is $1 off this week!


  1. So pretty!! And it looks like the great texture really helps make the most of a yarn with a lot of variegation!

  2. Also ideal for showing off coordinated hair color! ;-) BEautiful!