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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Playing Catch-Up

Oh man, it's been FOREVER since I've visited with you all! The past week and a half has been absolutely crazy, but I'm finally starting to get back into my regular routine. Last week was tech week for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and we just finished production on Monday night.

The Sunday of tech week I woke up and immediately knew that I had strep (again!). I stayed in bed most of the day and went into the clinic that afternoon for a strep test. The Rapid Group A culture came back negative, but I tend to get Group B strep a lot, and I know what it feels like in my throat, so I called in sick to work for Monday and started waiting for the 48-hour culture results. We didn't get the confirmation until Wednesday morning, so I didn't go to work at all last week, and I missed the first three nights of tech week. Thursday night was a little bit crazy, as I hadn't been at rehearsal for four days and it was the night before opening, but everything went great.

Joseph was amazing. It's such a fun show, and we had great audiences for every performance. As much as I enjoyed the show (and community theater in general!), I'm ready to return to my regular, quiet schedule.

Since I was sick for most of last week, I didn't get as much knitting done as I'd have liked to, but I did manage to finally finish a pair of socks for my mum at the bar after performances! These have been on the needles for two years, and it's about time I finally finished them. I'm definitely not knitting socks like I used to, but I really did enjoy working on these, and I'm glad I was finally able to give them to my mum.

Pattern: my own sock recipe
Yarn: Schachenmayr Regia Design Line by Arne & Carlos 4-f├Ądig "3761 Iris"

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  1. love the socks :) I'm sorry that you've been ill and strep is no fun at all :( Let's hope you kick the bug and it NEVER comes back again!!