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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Knit One, Rehearse Two

I'm still trucking along on this shawl sample, and I'm now about halfway through the final repeat of the first chart. The rows are getting just long enough that I'm only managing to knit three at a time during my lunch breaks, but I'm still having so much fun knitting this that I don't really mind the pace.

Play rehearsals have reached a peak, and we're officially in the busiest two weeks of the year for me. I have just one evening off between now and the end of the run, and rehearsals are going later and later. The show is coming together great, but it is definitely exhausting! Fortunately, I wised up a few years back and now I'm always sure to take the week of play production off from the library, so I only have one more week at this breakneck pace before I can slow down during the days.

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  1. wishing you lots of knitting during this busy season! Love that colour for summer, that shawl is going to be magnificent.