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Friday, July 6, 2018


I've been making pretty good progress on my Hetty. I'm almost ready to start the bottom ribbing on the body, and with three and a half weeks left in the OAL, I'm feeling pretty good about my chances of finishing. I still haven't started my sewn garment, and that's probably the only thing that's making me nervous.

The bobbin casing in my sewing machine broke a couple weeks before I moved, so I ordered a new one along with some things I needed for my new apartment, and now I have no clue where it ended up. I feel like I've looked everywhere, but I haven't done a real, methodical search yet. Hopefully I'll find it this weekend. Either way, my goal is to get my fabric ironed, my pattern traced, and my pieces cut out by the end of the weekend.

I'm planning a pretty quiet, restorative weekend. We're heading into the final two weeks of play rehearsals, so after tomorrow I'll have just one day without rehearsal or performances until the 24th. I am going to be taking several days off work during performances, which always helps me stay sane, but this is still the busiest part of my year!

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