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Monday, August 28, 2017


My sweater continues on- I've got just under four inches left, and then it's on to sleevesville. The final skein of yarn arrived on Saturday, so I'm all set to keep plowing through. At this point, I'm not too concerned with not finishing before the SSKAL deadline of September 10 (not that the deadline means much, since this is a very easy, casual KAL, but I'd also like to get this off the needles). I managed to get a few inches done at the bonfire on Saturday night, but there was also a farm cat to snuggle, and one of my other friends brought his dog, and there were the general pyrotechnic shenanigans.

Sunday morning I tried to sit and knit, but Mystic was bitter about my leaving him alone on Saturday night, so he took my lap and left arm hostage, so Sunday morning turned into coffee and snuggle time. Not that I'm complaining. I got a new gluten-free baking book a few weeks ago, and last night I mashed up a couple of the recipes in it (plus my own experience, and a different flour blend) to try a successful lemon poppyseed cake. That's been one of my summer goals, and I'm pleased to say that it worked out- I got a lovely, sticky batter, I managed a good even bake, and you can taste plenty of citrus coming through.

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  1. your gluten free lemon poppy seed cake sounds SO good! and glad that your sweater is progressing so well.