Rules for Feeding the Stash

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Right now I'm not really making great progress on anything, because I keep juggling half a dozen different projects around. After a summer of monogamous knitting though, it feels pretty nice to be fickle for a change. I'm a little over halfway through the front of my Easy A sweater, and I'm planning on paying some more attention to it the next few days in an attempt to get this piece done. I've been wondering if I should have gotten a third skein of this yarn, and I have to be in the city on Monday, so I want to get to a good measuring point before I swing by the yarn store.

The past couple of days here have been grey and rainy, and it's really just what we needed. We've been better off than most of the state in terms of drought, but things were still getting pretty dry. Plus, there's nothing better than sitting down to watch the rain and knitting. It could only be better if our living room was put back together and the sofa was usable, but maybe we'll finish the floors this weekend, if we're lucky.


  1. I'm monogomous on my Amiga right now and UGH WANNA KNIT OTHER THINGS. But I'm trying to get this boring knit done so I can start something new. Stupid friends, forcing me to finish things before starting another sweater. Haha.

    I'm very curious about your new designs! This is the drunk knitting sweater, right? It looks so squishy!

  2. There's been a lot of rain here, and although a lot of people have been complaining, I am actually loving it. It's so cosy sitting inside, but with windows and doors open, just listening to the rain and knitting.