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Monday, August 14, 2017

Slow Sweatering

My Jean Pullover is coming along- I've got four more rows before I can start the diamond lace pattern for the upper back. I worked on my Easy A sweater some during the fair last week, but there's still a ways to go on the back piece of that. I didn't work too much on the sweaters over the weekend, because I started a new shawl design and I wanted to get a good chunk on that done.

The house is pretty chaotic right now- we're putting new flooring in on the first floor, so the living room is empty, the den is full of everything from the living room, and the poor dogs are just confused by everything. I helped my mum in the garden a little bit yesterday, but mostly I've been hiding up in my room for the past few days. Hopefully the floors will be done soon- the parts that are done look amazing, but it'd be really nice to have the first floor back.

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  1. Beautiful pattern! I can't wait to see the finished pullover!

  2. home renovations can be quite disruptive, whenever we have one going I cannot concentrate on much. Love the new sweater on the needles pretty in pink!

  3. Oooo pretty! Looks really interesting.

    Good luck with the floors!

  4. Love the lavender colour you're using for the Jean pullover! And hoping the floors will be done soon :)

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