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Monday, August 7, 2017

Just a Few More Stripes

This weekend went by way too fast, I definitely could have used another day! It turns out that I sprained my ankle on Thursday, so Saturday was a mix of resting it and cleaning the house. Yesterday was the zoo day, and it was absolutely delightful. It was just overcast and cool enough to be comfortable, and we got to see everything. The koalas, of course, are the main attraction right now, but I also made friends with a goat in the hands-on farm area.

I'm juggling quite a few sweater projects right now, but last night after I got home I turned my focus to my Stripey- it's so close to finished, and it'll be great to have it off the needles. There are just a couple more sleeve stripes for me to finish today, and the seams, so with any luck it'll be blocking later this week! My OAL Hetty is also blocked, and just waiting for buttons right now. Hopefully I'll get those put on tonight as well, but we'll see how the day goes.

I don't know if my OAL dress is salvageable (there are...flaps...where the bodice meets the skirt, and that oughtn't have happened). I've almost worked up the courage to try to fix it- either I'll get a wearable dress, or it'll be a great sewing exercise.

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