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Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Just as I was starting to wonder when it was going to be time for the TTTKAL, Shannon announced the dates, and I'm so pumped! I did this KAL last year for the first time, and it really is a ton of fun. I love me some warm-weather knitted tops, and this KAL is the perfect excuse for me to take some time to pound some out as well as check out everyone else's projects and see some patterns that I may have missed before.

I'm entering with Drift, which is pretty close to being done- it just needs a few more inches on the body and whatever I decide to do for sleeves- and I've also cast on a Corrine (which might need to be restarted because I didn't swatch because the back piece starts out small enough to count as a swatch), and I have yarn ready for Route 1 if I have time. Last year I finished two tops for this KAL, while also working on my Nusa and Que Sera, so I think I might be able to get all these tops done. I'm also really looking forward to pounding out some stuff just for me once I'm finished with Chaverim.

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  1. Have fun with the KAL! I love KALs for their motivation factor. I'm doing a Briggs & Little KAL right now, and it is probably the only reason I'm on track to finish my sweater before summer!