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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Second Sleeving

The second sleeve of my Chaverim sample is coming along nicely, and I'm starting to think about some summer knits. The TTTKAL is coming up soon, and I definitely want to knit something for that, but I also have another big project looming as soon as Chaverim is off the needles.

My best best friend is getting married in just over two months, and I need to get started on her wedding present. Longtime readers know that I knit all my friends a white lace table runner for their weddings, and I feel like I'm starting to tempt fate by not having started this one yet. I do have all the yarn wound and the pattern picked out and printed, but I have not yet cast on, and I'd been planning on holding off on starting it until I was finished with Chaverim.

This weekend is the final Show Choir weekend, and this competition's six hours away, so I might pack the wedding gift for car knitting, but we'll have to see how I'm feeling about the state of the Chaverim sample. Since finishing that first cuff I'm even more in love with this sweater than I was before, and I can't wait to have everything finished so I can start wearing it everywhere!

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