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Friday, April 21, 2017

Oops, I Cast On Again

My Corrine is moving along nicely, even though I managed to get...distracted. I've had a skein of SRK On Your Toes Bamboo in my stash for ages, and I've never been quite sure what to do with it. This week I had the thought that I just might be able to squeeze a crop top from one skein, and I promptly did some math to figure out knitting Zinone at a slightly larger gauge.

So now it would appear that I've saddled myself with two yarn chicken projects, because of course the On Your Toes is discontinued as well (I keep imagining that someday there won't be any discontinued yarns in my stash, but I know that is but a false hope).

I always get super into knitting warm-weather tops, so I'm sure I'll accidentally cast on quite a few more over the next few months. I have tons of patterns and yarns lined up for lighter knits, and I'd definitely love to make a dent in my stash and queue before the cold weather sets back in and it's all sweaters all the time for this girl.

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