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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I'm Not Sure if it's Going to Be Enough

As I was trying to take today's picture, I realized that black is the absolute worst color for blog photographs. I apologize for this, but hopefully we shouldn't be stuck with black WIP photos for too long, because Corrine is really zooming along. I've finished the back piece, and the front shouldn't take more than a couple of days, and then I'll be at the fun lace side panels.

I am getting nervous about my yardage- the back ended up using just over two of my seven balls. I'm already planning on making my sleeves shorter than the sample's, but I'd still like for them to be around elbow-length. Of course I'm using discontinued yarn, and of course there's none listed on Ravelry as trade/sell, so I've got to work it out with what I've got.

I also started my best friend's wedding present over the weekend as well- the wedding is less than two months away now, but her thing is so pleasant that it's going quickly, despite the fact that I'm only actively knitting it sporadically. I plan to keep doing so throughout the TTTKAL, and then I'll devote myself to banging out the rest of the wedding present.

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  1. black might be hard for photographs, but it is wardrobe gold!! Can't beat a black sweater.