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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Change in Plan: Sick Day Pullover

I started this pullover with the intention of using four skeins of Lion Brand Fettuccini, but after knitting the body up, I changed my mind (surprise!). I was expecting the pullover to be slightly cropped, or to hit just above the hip, and with the extra skeins of yarn, it came out much longer than I expected. It was also heavy-this yarn is sold by weight, not yardage, and each skein is 355g! Plus, there is no consistency across skeins, so there were major gauge/drape changes.

Here's the body before I ripped it all back-I barely remembered to take a photo before I started frogging it, so sorry about the poor quality. It ended up reaching to just about the end of my butt, which just felt long. My plan now is to re-knit the body using the grey skein only, and then do the top part of the yoke and the sleeves in the pink. I think that will give me more of what I'm looking for. The other skeins didn't have as much drape, so I might use them to make grocery bags or a small rug-who knows!

This project is getting pushed to the back burner now. I already mentioned I have to go west this weekend, so I think I'm going to bring my mum's Rocky Coast to work on (I'm still two rows from the end of the yoke!) and my current cowl project, and that should get me through a couple evenings away.


  1. smart you for taking two projects!!! I'm running out...two days into vacation and 5 days to go and I've just got half a sock left!!! Guess I'll be making mini Christmas stockings ornaments with the left over sock yarn!!!! :)

    1. Oh no! I ran out of yarn twice last summer during play rehearsals, so I've been especially careful ever since to have more than enough knitting with me at all times.

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    1. Thanks! I think it will be so much better with just those two colors-fingers crossed!