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Friday, January 2, 2015


I don't really like New Year's Resolutions, and I am usually overcautious when setting goals. That being said, I do have some things that maybe aren't "goals" per se, but more like intentions:

-I want to get better about accepting that there are things I'd love to knit that I wouldn't necessarily love to wear. I want to knit things that I enjoy knitting, and instead of removing something from my queue because I'll never wear it, I want to get better about finding it a perfect home. That being said, I used to be really bad about getting bogged down making things for people who were unknitworthy, and I don't want to fall back down that hole.

-I want to seriously start spinning. I've done a couple of singles, but nothing really big. I'd love to finish a skein of handspun this year. I think I ought to set aside a set time-maybe just once a month for now-to work on my spinning.

-I also want to embroider and cross stitch more. I barely did any in 2014, and I love it so much that I can't stand that I let myself avoid it for a whole year. As with spinning, I might need to set a day or two a month aside just for embroidery and cross stitch.

-I want to paint more! I haven't painted since the watercolors workshop I went to a few months ago, and I really want to do more of it. Most of my trouble with this is scheduling-I don't really do things unless I'm planning on doing them and have committed to them in my head, so perhaps as with spinning and embroidery, I need to set one day a month aside for painting.

-I'd also like to read more next year. I've already shared with you all my struggle to reignite my love for reading, and while it's much better than it was a few months ago, I still find myself willingly putting off books I know I'll love so I can do other things.

All in all, most of my intentions have something to do with scheduling. I'm really good at settling into a routine, and my week feels disjointed if that routine changes too much. So if I haven't mentally committed to something far in advance, it's difficult for me to not just turn on Netflix and knit-not that there's anything wrong with that, but eventually a year goes by and I haven't done anything else!

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