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Wednesday, January 14, 2015


I go a little crazy in January.

It's a mix of getting done with Christmas, and feeling the shiny newness of the new year, and of getting the house cleaned after packing away all the holiday decorations. There's just a lot going on that makes me feel like I can do everything better and more efficiently.

These aren't bad feelings, per se. In fact, it's good for us to take stock of our habits and find ways to make our lives easier or more fulfilling. But sometimes when I sit back and evaluate things, especially knitting things, I go a little overboard.

For example, I have two dozen projects picked out, with stash yarn already assigned to them. The yarn for my next five projects is already caked up so I don't get distracted by something else. I plan to keep small projects in my purse, and bigger projects at home. I have birthday and Christmas presents planned already. I even have the yarn for Anemone's birthday present, and it's not even due until March. I have a balance of plain projects and cabled projects and lace projects so I always have knitting that's appropriate for any given situation. I'm organized and I have a plan and it's a solid plan, which means when it goes wrong it's going to go spectacularly wrong.

Not that anything technically has to go wrong, but I know myself well enough by now. I like structure and plans, but I also like getting distracted by shiny stuff. And yarn. And I really like disregarding deadlines (even especially self-imposed ones). So who knows what the plan might look like in a month or two.

But for right now I really have my shit together. And it's fantastic.

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  1. Your organisational skills are incredible! I could only wish to have planned ahead like that.