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Monday, January 12, 2015

Operation WIP

I hope you all have had a good and restful weekend. One of my goals for this year was to get my two longest-suffering WIPs under control and out of their misery, and I'm happy to say that so far, Operation WIP is on track:
This is my Vintage Rose Medallion Shawl, aka "Pretty Stuff." I started this back in February 2012 and really haven't worked on it too much since then. I have four medallions mostly done, so I only need...twelve more. And the medallions all need corners knit on, and they all need to be grafted together, and then I need to knit a freaking border all around the whole thing. And the blocking. I am so not looking forward to blocking this beast.

It's a huge undertaking, which is why I let it fall by the wayside almost two years ago. I love the yarn, and I love the pattern, and I'm really excited for the finished object. Even knitting the medallions isn't so bad-they're charming in their own modular way. It's nice that the project breaks itself down into a bunch of sections, but it's still a large project. I wasn't quite fully prepared for it when I started, but I'm a much better knitter now.
So for now this is my sitting-in-front-of-the-tv knitting. Most of the fifth medallion is already done, and I really think as long as I don't let myself drop it again, it can probably be done in the first half of this year. I have a lot of other stuff going on in my life right now (good things!), and a whole bunch of things I want to be working on, but I am going to feel so good to start making serious progress on this again.


  1. Yay, go you for picking up an old WIP! This is going to be so pretty once it's finished, that should be a good motivation to get it done :)

  2. I hope so :) This is one of the most technically challenging projects I've ever done, so while I'm excited to get through it, it's a massive undertaking!