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Monday, January 26, 2015

FO: Purls and Seaweed

Remember last week when I said I had something blocking that was either absolutely perfect or laughably messed up? Fortunately for me, it came out exactly how I intended.
My Purls and Seaweed scarf, inspired by Cory's. I was nervous about the length of this-I wanted it short enough that I wouldn't mind wearing it as a single loop, but long enough that I could still wear it doubled. It's a fine line for me, and I was nervous that I'd been overly cautious and made it too short.

Hopefully I didn't use up too much of my knitting good mojo on this, but I couldn't be more pleased with how it came out. The Road to China Light is sport weight instead of fingering, but I didn't size up the needles at all. I love how it came out-perfectly soft and just the right thing to wear against my neck.
Ravelry Page: Purls and Seaweed
Pattern: Purls and Seaweed Wrap Scarf, by Jennifer Chase-Rappaport 


  1. Glad to hear this came out as you intended. Beautiful knit and that color is perfect on you!

  2. So pretty! That color looks awesome on you, and I love how you've paired corally-red with dark green.