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Friday, August 3, 2018

WIP Evaluation

It feels like the summer has completely flown by. This year I'm finding myself in a real "get things finished" mood. Having just finished the OAL and Bubblegum Spice, something in me is craving the satisfaction of getting things off the needles. 

Mottled Daydream is currently my second-oldest active WIP, having been cast on in May of 2015. And, honestly, this project is even older than that. Way back in 2014 I tried knitting this shawl twice with a different yarn, but it never quite worked, so I set the pattern aside until I found this yarn in my stash. This shawl has been sitting in a basket for years, and I recently dug it out to bring along on a night out with friends, and it was the perfect thing to work on. I have no clue why I let it languish in a basket forever.

I'd love to get this finished soon. I really love this pattern, and the yarn is so soft, I'd love to be able to tuck it up against my neck this fall. It's certainly not going to be finished quickly, but maybe a marathon stockinette project is just what I need right now.

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  1. This is why I tend to wait to frog projects that have been in my WIP basket too long. I tend to fall in love with them again. That yarn is gorgeous!