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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Sweatering Along

I made some decent progress on this sweater over the weekend. I'm on the first sleeve now, and I should be able to get the second sleeve started before the weekend. I also finished all the math for the pattern, so I'm hoping to actually start writing the pattern this week.

Today is the first day of Shannon's Summer Sweater KAL, and I'm hoping to finish this sweater as well as the orange Finn I started back in the spring. I'm not worried about finishing this one, since it's been going so quickly so far, but Finn has just over half a body and full-length sleeves, so I'm not sure if I'll get that one finished by the end of the KAL. Either way, it's always a fun group to knit along with, and even if I don't get both sweaters finished, I'll be well on my way to having some new knits ready before it gets too cold out.

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