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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

On to Number Two!

I finished my first legwarmer over the weekend, and I'm already a couple of repeats into the second one. I'm mirroring the cables on these because I really love how mirrored cables look across two items of a set. It's an extra detail and layer of thoughtfulness that I really appreciate.

It did get super cold again over the weekend - in the negative 30s! - but now we should be in our January thaw for the rest of this week. It's even supposed to get above freezing the next couple days, so hopefully I'll be able to bang this second legwarmer out and have a finished pair waiting for the next deep freeze.

In theater news, we've finished blocking and tonight we're doing our first stumble-through of the whole show. I'm planning on bringing my Easy A-long sweater to rehearsal tonight to take advantage of the time I won't be onstage, and hopefully I'll get several more inches knit up!

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