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Monday, January 29, 2018

Half a Sock

My Easy A front is still a few inches away from being finished, but we're doing a run of the whole play tonight, and I'm hoping to get it finished at rehearsal. Yesterday I wanted something more portable to bring to choir, and I pulled my Darjeeling socks out of my WIP bag.

Longtime readers will probably recognize this project, as it's been a WIP since 2012 (making these my oldest active WIP), and I've had plenty of setbacks along the way. When Darjeeling last appeared on the blog, I was getting ready to frog it for the third(?) time, and modify it for my preferred construction. Yesterday I finished the leg and the heel, and I'm about halfway through the gusset decreases now.

I'm still as charmed as ever by this yarn and the stitch pattern. and I really can't wait to have this pair finished and on my feet. I'm definitely not the prolific sock knitter I was in college, so I'm not even going to pretend these will be finished anytime soon, but it feels great to reach the halfway point on this sock and not have major issues.

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  1. Yay socks! I hope you can finally finish this wip and get that sucker off the needles and onto your feet! It's a great yarn. :D

  2. I'm impressed! Socks are one of those things that I have to knit uninterrupted because if it goes to the UFO pile, it never comes out. I also have to start the second sock before I finish the first to avoid a permanent case of SSS.