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Friday, January 5, 2018

Legwarming Along

My first legwarmer is almost halfway done, and I'm hoping to get it finished this weekend. This has been my lunch knitting all week, and in the evenings I've been alternating between a new design project and my Easy A-long sweater. I haven't gotten quite as much done yet on my Easy A as I thought I would have, but we're only on Day 5 of the KAL, and this will be perfect rehearsal knitting for the new play I'm in, and rehearsals for that start on Monday. 

Our current heat wave is supposed to last through at least the next ten days, so with any luck my legwarmers will be finished long before it gets too cold to go without them. I'm working on writing up the pattern for these as well, which I'd love to have ready yet this month, or early February.

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  1. you are having a heatwave?! Incredible, everyone I've talked to recently is in the depths of a deep freeze, including me! Love the colour of your legwarmers, they look wonderful already!