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Friday, June 9, 2017

Shakespeare and Knitting

Happy Friday! This has felt like a really weird/long week, but community theater rehearsals start this weekend and I'm super excited. This weekend is also the annual Shakespeare Festival, so last night I got a chunk of knitting done at The Comedy of Errors. It's a great show, and I'll be going again tonight, and hopefully get another big chunk knit up. This is one of the samples for my upcoming mini collection, and at this rate I might just have it done before I go up to my friend's wedding next weekend!

I've also been working steadily on the wedding present- it's been my lunch knitting this week, and I've picked up to work the second half of it (it's one of those center-out deals). At this point, I have the pattern pretty much memorized, so between that and the addictive potato chip quality of white lace (just one more row!), I shouldn't have any trouble getting it done and blocked in plenty of time for the wedding.

Anemone is coming down for the Shakespeare Festival tonight, and then I think she and I have both been roped into moving some furniture tomorrow, but I'm definitely planning on getting a big chunk of knitting done and having time to relax before I jump into play rehearsals!


  1. You are always such a knitting machine, it both inspires me and makes me feel incredibly slow ;)

  2. I hope that you had an awesome weekend, and got some knitting done! Good luck with rehearsals!