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Friday, June 30, 2017

New Pattern: Cockle Shells

During my senior year of college, I knit a striped shawl with a lace border. I had played around with improvising shawls before, but this was the first time it really worked. I finished it about the same time as I submitted my undergraduate thesis and at that point it was the project I was the most proud of an impressed with.

Last year, I decided to revisit that shawl, and play around with that original idea, but bring it more in line with my current design sensibilities. The stripes immediately made me think of the seashore, and collecting tiny mollusk shells. I looked at dozens of different lace stitches, wanting to keep it simple, and after playing around for a few months I settled on this easy little lace pattern that reminded me of the seashells I used to collect all summer long.

Cockle Shells is worked from the top-down with edge and center increases on the right side. The border lace pattern is charted and has written instructions. The pattern is currently available on Ravelry.

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  1. Love the shawl, it is perfect for summer, especially with that lovely coral!