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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Days Off

Today is the last day of my little vacation, and I'm feeling really good about taking a few days for myself. I've gotten quite a bit of knitting and pattern writing done, I've watched Beauty and the Beast more times than is probably reasonable, and I've gotten some prime dog snuggles in. Abby especially missed me this weekend. Monday she wouldn't leave my lap, and while she's backed off some now, she still likes to peek over my laptop.

The first top for my mini collection is finished except for a few ends I missed before blocking, and I'm almost done the back of the second top, which puts me almost halfway through the knitting for this collection. I'm putting together the last big pieces of the patterns today, and I should have them ready for editing within a week. I don't have the final release schedule pinned down yet, but I'm looking at sometime in July.

Play rehearsals are going well. All of my scenes have been blocked now, and I'm learning my lines. Tonight I have my first costume fitting, and I've almost got all my songs down. Rehearsals have all been fun so far, even my Monday night choreography rehearsal when my legs were still crazy sore from dancing like a lunatic at the wedding this weekend.


  1. Hope you enjoy your time off. Your collection sounds like it is coming along, that is exciting!

  2. Enjoy your mini vacation!So many exciting things in the works for you.