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Monday, November 28, 2016

The Start of Xmas Knitting

Since I had a four day weekend for Thanksgiving, I planned to do a lot of xmas knitting. But I'm not fantastic at holding myself accountable, and I only got most of a sweater front done. But look at how cute it is! I'm hoping another solid evening of knitting on this finishes the front, and then the back and sleeves should fly along.

We ended up actually going out and doing quite a bit over the weekend. Friday Anemone came down from the city and we went shopping, Saturday we set up our tree and I met up with a couple of ladies from my choir to work on a special music trio, and Sunday I ended up hanging out at a friend's house all day. So for all that running around I picked up Audrey in Unst, which I actually cast on for a year ago, and put away after 10 rows.

My plan going forward is to keep banging out my Filled With Secrets and my Xmas Sweater during my lunch breaks, and use evenings to power through my remaining xmas knits. I've got the rest of this baby sweater, a toddler sweater, and another secret thing, and I think it'll all work out splendidly.

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  1. that looks amazing so far, what a cute sweater front!!

  2. sleeves always go so very fast for me! love the pink!!! Glad you had a filled Thanksgiving :)

  3. Great contrast and what a neat graphic.

  4. Oh, that is just so very adorable!! And I really like your colour choices!