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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Filling Up With Secrets

You guys. Look at how delightful that yarn looks. This stuff is so soft, I can't even describe it. I hadn't worked with Kenzie before deciding to use it for my Filled With Secrets sweater (this is a bad course of action kids, don't follow my example-you should always get to know a yarn before making a garment-sized commitment) but I am so glad that I went with it. I'm definitely doing a before and after post on how this yarn blocks-as amazing and cushy as it is now, it blooms so freaking magnificently.

Clearly I did not get the yoke done before Thanksgiving, but I've only got a few more rounds before I divide the sleeves, and then the rest of the body should shoot along just fine. It's really not a slow knit at all, I'm mostly distracted by trying to keep myself focused on gift knitting in the evenings. As much as I'd like to have this done NOWNOWNOW, the KAL goes until January 9, so I have plenty of time, and I definitely have to get my gift knitting (and my Xmas Sweater!) done first.

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  1. it is gorgeous and I wish we could feel the knits on the blogs!!

  2. Clever colours. I'd love to do more colour work but I get the tension wrong and its always too lumpy.

  3. The yarn does look very cushy indeed, really like those colours!