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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Sweater Knitting and Gift Planning

When I ran out of yarn on my mum's sweater, I quickly came up with a very clever plan for the rest of the knitting season. I immediately cast on for both my Filled With Secrets and started going to town on the yoke.

I fell in love with this pattern as soon as I saw the pictures of the sample. It's so cozy, roomy, and comfortable, and I couldn't wait to have one of my own to snuggle up in. I decided to knit mine in Kenzie held double, and boy, is it worth it. I've been rubbing the blocked swatches over my face for a week now-it puffs up and blooms so delightfully, and the fiber blend is such a treat.

I'm hoping to get most of the yoke on this done today, and then over the long weekend I'm going to start banging out some xmas knitting. I've got just three xmas projects, and they should all be pretty quick (please don't remind me how fiddly and time-consuming duplicate stitch can be, I'm on a fiber high right now), and if I even just get one project done (come on, it's a four-day weekend, I can get more than one done) I'll be in a good place for the rest of the year.

(I'm also laboring under the delusion that I can finish another sweater for myself for xmas on top of everything else, but in my defense, it's a bulky sweater, and the yoke is half done already.)

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  1. Filled with Secrets looks amazing - simple enough, but with the interesting colorwork! I am sure it will turn out great!

  2. Good luck with all the xmas knits, it's certainly looking very productive already :)

  3. I'm rooting for you, I hope you can finish it before Christmas!! Love the colours.