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Monday, November 7, 2016

CraftyBliss Challenge


I had a super busy weekend, full of great things! Saturday was the annual Scandinavian/Holiday Bazaar up at the Lutheran church in the city, and my mum and I went there and had a blast (more on that Wednesday, I think). Yesterday we went to see Doctor Strange, and that was a lot of fun. Last night around 11pm I finished the body of the blue shawl and started the edging-only 15k more stitches to go!

Yesterday was also the last day of the most recent CraftyBliss Instagram Challenge! If you're not already following Julie and Melissa (either on their blogs or on Instagram), you're really missing out. They're fantastic women and they know how to run an amazingly fun Instagram challenge. 

Since I know not all of you are on Instagram, I thought I'd share some of my most liked pictures from the challenge. Up first we have my Finn cardigan, for "my favorite FO," me on the couch in my skeleton socks working on shawlzilla for "a quiet moment," some new stash acquisitions from the bazaar for "flash your stash" (more on those on Wednesday), and the Sylvan Afghan I knit my mum a few years ago for xmas for "rainbows."

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  1. I missed the challenge this time, but I'll be ready and watching for the next one! -Sierra