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Monday, July 18, 2016

Shopping and Knitting and Rehearsing-Oh My!

After the last couple of rough weekends, it was nice to have a great one this week. Saturday my mum and I drove into the city to run some errands-I had a gift card to Barnes & Noble that I wanted to use, and we putzed around a couple of thrift stores and got lunch. I made out really well at the bookstore-the Big Book was right there at the front of the store on the new paperbacks table. It took a while to find something to use up the rest of the gift card, but after wandering through all the comics and the entire SF/F section, I stumbled across the two Lovecraftian anthologies.

Yesterday I had a six hour rehearsal for community theatre, and it went really well. It's going to be a long week in rehearsals-I've got four hour rehearsals tonight and tomorrow, and then another two hours Wednesday, and two and a half hours on Thursday. Tuesday we're running the show for the first time, so I'll hopefully get a lot of knitting done. I've made it to the bottom ribbing on my TPCT, and that will still be in my rehearsal bag all week, but I'm planning something else for Tuesday.

I made spectacular progress on Finn this weekend, and she now has a finished body, a collar, button bands, and the start of one sleeve. I'm hoping to bang out the rest of that first sleeve on Tuesday, and then hopefully I can get the pattern finished next weekend and sent to my tech editor. Knitting this is pretty slow going right now, because every few rounds I just want to try it on!

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  1. beautiful progress in my kind of color :) :)

  2. Gorgeous. I have to agree, it is a wonderful color choice.

  3. ooh, lots of great reading ahead for you! I love buying books it feels really satisfying. Although finding time to read them is a whole other story (no pun intended).