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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Alongs and Sleeves

As I mentioned on Monday, I got to the second parts of both my shawl KALs this week. Clue 3 for the Windy City MKAL goes out tomorrow, and I'm sure I won't be ready for it in time, and this is my second time knitting the border for the Recharge KAL since I wasn't paying attention and did two repeats in the main color before realizing my mistake.

Sine I've got both of these KALs going on, and I'm trying to get Finn finished and ready for release (during play production, no less), I hadn't planned on doing Allyson's Choose Your Own Adventure Tee KAL, but I have poor self-control and six balls of KP Shine Sport in my stash, so I guess I'm just going to have to cast on for that this week. Sometime. If I can find time. I did manage to finish the first sleeve for my TPCT last night during rehearsal, so hopefully I'll keep my sleeve mojo going and get that and Finn done before I absolutely have to cast on a CYOA Tee.

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  1. I am catching your disease and feel a cast on coming on. The best feeling ever!!

  2. You are a busy busy women! Hope rehearsals are going well! --Sierra

  3. Oh my, you are one busy woman! Happy knitting!

  4. So glad that you are managing to get so much knitting done, even though you have a busy schedule with the play. You are doing great!