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Friday, April 29, 2016

WIP: Nusa

Since there's just a week left in the Nusa KAL, I thought it would be nice to check in. This has been going so quickly since I got to the stripes-the lace border is charming, and I did enjoy knitting it, but it's nice to have something almost mindless. It still requires a bit of focus, because this yarn really wants to split, and I really don't want it to, and the silk content really just wants to snag on my gross rough crone hands.

Up until I actually started the stripes, I was really nervous about my color combination. I love both of these colors a lot-I wanted colors that would work with a lot of my wardrobe, which these definitely will, but I wasn't sure how they'd look together. Fortunately, now that there's enough of the stripes to see how it's working out, I'm loving everything about these colors. There's just enough of a pirate-punk thing going on, which I was kind of going for, but didn't want to be overwhelming, and I think I totally nailed it.

This has been my lunch knitting for the past couple of weeks, and hopefully I'll be able to get a couple more stripes done this weekend, too. It's going to be a busy one-the high school is putting on Beauty and the Beast and the university is doing The Marriage of Figaro, so I'm going to be spending a whole lot of my weekend in auditoriums.

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  1. The colours are fantastic - looks so good together without being too much. Do you think you'll finish before the end of the KAL?