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Friday, April 15, 2016

Packing List

I'm at the Our Common Thread retreat right now, but I planned ahead and have a blog post for you anyway (+50 awesome blogger points)! I thought I might share the projects I decided to bring, so that when I write up my recap post(s) everything will be pretty familiar.

1. I haven't quite gotten around to ripping back and re-knitting the hem of my Cherry Pie Skirt, so I definitely wanted to bring this and just get it done. I need to wear this skirt RIGHT NOW, and there's no reason for me to have avoided fixing it for this long.

2. My Springtastic Socks! The Holla Knits KAL ends on April 29, so these definitely have to come along, and hopefully I'll get pretty well into the second sock this weekend.

3. Similarly, the Nusa KAL for Indie Knits ends May 6, and I'm just a couple rounds into the second lace repeat, so this needs some serious love as well.

4. Finn: I had initially wanted to avoid bringing any design work along, but this is just plain stockinette, nothing to keep track of, and I definitely need a totally brainless project to work on.

5. I decided to bring my Que Sera along as well-I had about half the first sleeve knit before I decided to rip it out and do it a little differently, and since then it's been a bit stalled. But it's a nice familiar project, and we're just about at the perfect time of year to be wearing it, so hopefully I'll get some work done on this.

I really can't know before I get there what I'm going to feel like knitting on any given day, so I tried for some real variety! Of course, I'll be spending plenty of time in the dye room as well, so who knows what I'll have to show you all next week!

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  1. Oooh boy so many beautiful knits! Have fun at your retreat!